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Destini™ Provides Data From Over 65,000 Retail Locations

Natural & Specialty
Club Stores

SPINS Natural & Specialty Data

Destini™ is the only locator solution with the ability to integrate the SPINS Store Locator Feed, which includes store level data from all key account, Natural & Specialty Retailers that report to SPINS. This feed refreshed every four weeks, for one low annual fee.

Conventional Retailer Data

Destini™ has the ability to integrate store level, conventional/mass retailer data provided by IRI or Nielsen, to ensure your locator provides consumers with the most comprehensive, accurate data available.

Static Data Uploads

Because not all retailers participate in locator data feeds, Destini™ allows for batch uploads of static data, using an excel template, to ensure smaller retailers can easily be included in your locator.

Fully Customizable Web, Mobile & Facebook Applications

Destini™ Locator
Website Locator

An embeddable iFrame that lives within a brand’s website on a standalone page. The website locator can also trigger results from zipcode and postal code search fields dynamically from other areas of the website.

Destini™ Locator
Mobile Locator

A mobile website that allows consumers to search for their favorite products through an optimized interface compatible on IOS and Android mobile browsers, including auto-detection of the user’s location to display nearby retailers.

Destini™ Locator
Facebook Locator

A custom Facebook application that gets published to a brand’s Facebook page utilizing the full set of Destini’s Website Locator features, reformatted to fit the dimensions of the 810px wide Facebook tab.

Destini™ Locator
Dynamic Locator Widgets

A dynamic locator script that lives on individual product pages within a brand’s website that will automatically display results of near by retailers carrying that particular page’s featured product. Destini™ ™ Locator Widgets promote the highest frequency of consumer exposure to lists of nearby retailers carrying a brand’s products.


Destini™ Locator
Category & Product Search

Allow consumers to search by individual UPC via a graphic interface, while educating consumers about the brand’s full line of products.

Destini™ Locator
Daily Insights & Analytics

Measure daily locator traffic and usage across multiple locator platforms as well as most popular locations, most popular retailers and most popular products selected by consumers.

Destini™ Locator
Targeted Promotions

Publish retailer-chain and regional promotions to consumers while tracking coupon redemptions and allowing consumers to share promotions on Facebook & Twitter.

Destini™ Locator
Retail Data Integration

Integrates multiple data feeds including conventional, convenience, big box, natural and independent retailers through IRI’s locator services as well as additional 3rd party data integration opportunities.

Destini™ Locator
Customizable Interfaces

Destini’s locator interfaces have been developed to adapt easily to any brand’s unique style-guide as well as emulate the online user experience behaviors of existing websites to ensure brands, and their agencies, can use the power of the Destini™ features without compromising creative presentation.

Destini™ Locator
Consumer & Retailer Forms

These two form features capture user and retailer data allowing consumers to submit requests for products they have cannot find within their area and allowing independent retailers to update the availability of a brand’s products within their store.


Destini™ Demand-alytics


Our new reporting suite allows manufacturers to evaluate
consumer demand via filtering by product, region, and retailer.

Map Consumer Interest

Pinpoint your product demand based on search activity by geographic location. The Regional Map is updated every day for a current view of your consumer landscape. See it in Action

Understand Consumer Search

Understand your consumer search behavior through a comprehensive dashboard. Results are segmented by state, retail chain, locator application and more. See it in Action

Discover Product Demand

Gain insight into your trending products to determine new promotional opportunities. The Product Search Chart empowers businesses to make informed decisions based on search popularity. See it in Action

See Demand-Alytics in Action

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